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Construction Law


At Peterkin Burgess our team of experienced attorneys have been in the trenches of construction law for more than 30 years. In addition to being well versed in the ever-changing laws governing construction law issues, both Michael Peterkin and Megan Burgess have detailed knowledge of construction industry practices that help inform effective client representation.

Peterkin Burgess represents clients in a wide range of issues facing individuals and businesses in the construction industry, including contract negotiation and drafting, lender issues, contractor compliance, construction liens, construction defect issues for owner and contractors, payment claims, residential projects, commercial projects, and public contracting issues.  

Peterkin Burgess has extensive experience representing and advising contractors (large and small), builders, subcontractors, material suppliers and homeowners in all aspects of construction law.  We draft all types of construction agreements whether for single-family residences or larger projects to protect the interests of both the builder and homeowner. We greatly minimize risk to our clients up front in what can be an ever fluctuating construction market.

We know how to navigate the difficult area of construction lien laws and how to protect our clients’ rights, ensuring that they get paid. We have knowledge and experience in public contracting, an area of the law that is often unfamiliar to many contractors and  which they need to understand. If a construction dispute arises, we specialize in mediation, arbitration, and litigation concerning construction projects, large and small. We have experience representing both the contractor and homeowner whether it be during the construction process, or after completion.  We have successfully litigated construction defect claims and understand the specialized issues relevant to construction defect litigation.

We advise contractors on licensing and bonding issues relevant to their CCB license.  We handle CCB complaints between homeowners and contractors as well as disputes between contractors.  Some disputes can best be resolved through the CCB, and some cannot.  We know how to evaluate each particular matter and advise you how best to proceed.

At Peterkin Burgess you can be assured that you are engaging an attorney who can lace up her boots and walk alongside you in navigating any construction dispute.  

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